Day #20 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Family Slumber Party

slumber party kids

Slumber parties are a blast but why should just the girls have all the fun? Throw a family slumber party where Mom, Dad, sis, bro, and the various pets in the family get to experience the late night bonding. It’s a great and inexpensive way to have fun on a Friday Night and you can also “test” out recipes, games, and movies for a future slumber party that the kids want to have with their friends. It’s very funny to see Dad and brother playing “girlie” games, too.

Here are some suggested activities for your family Slumber Party:


    Mix and match pajamas. Everyone should wear pajamas for their slumber party but wouldn’t it be funny if you wore each other’s pajamas? Your kids would find it hilarious to wear Mom and Dad’s large pajama pieces or see Dad trying to wear Jr.’s slippers for the evening.

Games/ Activities:

Flashlight Board Game – Pick your favorite board game and play by flashlight or candlelight to make it a little more spooky or special.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle – If the boys in the family are up for it, this makes a hilarious game. Take several colors of nail polish and place the bottles in the center of the group. One person picks a bottle and spins. Whoever it points at has to paint one of their toe nails that color. Keep going until you have a rainbow of colors on your feet.

Pillowfight – You can’t have a slumber party without a pillow fight. Your little kids will love it. Keep the fighting away from the big screen TV or Dad will be mad.

Custom Made Pillowcase – Even if you aren’t a crafty family or have any artists in the house, it’s fun to make a “You Are Loved” pillowcase for another family member. Pick up some pillowcases and some fabric markers at a craft store. Put everyone’s name in a hat and each of you will pick a name. Now use your pillowy canvas to draw or describe why you love that person. (We do something similar as dinner time conversation when we are having bad days to booster everyone’s spirits. I thought it would be fun to take it a step further and remind a family member why you love them. They’ll be smiling every time they sleep with that pillowcase.


    Sleepiest View in the House – Have everyone lay out their sleeping bags on the floor to watch a movie together. Or, if your family room couch is a pull-out bed, pull the bed out and have everyone pile on to watch together.

    What to Watch? – The movie you watch depends on the age of your kids or your family’s interest. If your kids are older, you can watch scary movies. If your kids are younger, Monsters Inc. is a great slumber party movie. For a “Girlie” movie – Princess Diaries 2 is a good choice because there’s a slumber party scene.

    Home Movies. – Don’t forget that you can watch family movies as well. Our kids still love watching the video of our wedding.


Popcorn, ice cream sundaes and chocolate fondue are our top picks for a slumber party.

Here’s our recipe for Chocolate Fondue:

    2 lb. of your favorite milk chocolate bars (we like Ghiradelli’s)
    8 oz. dark chocolate bar
    1 1/2 cup heavy cream (can use half and half for less calories)
    2 Tbsp. vanilla
    Break the candy bars into pieces and place in your fondue or hot pot. Turn to a low setting. Add cream and stir constantly until chocolate is melted and smooth. If you are melting this on a stove top, don’t walk away or the chocolate will boil and be ruined. Add the vanilla right before serving. Then dip away! (Serves 12)

    For dipping:

  • Hazelnut or almond biscotti (more for the adults)
  • Salted pretzel sticks
  • Cubed pound cake
  • Sliced bananas
  • Stem strawberries
  • Large marshmallows

Send us photos of your family slumber party. We’d love to see them.

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