30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Travel Around the World

Today’s summer fun idea is to take a trip around the world. If you can afford to that literally, then by all means, Bon Voyage. For the rest of us, pick a day, pick a country and then spend time celebrating it’s culture. For example, if you pick Italy:

  • Go online and look up some fun facts about Italy.
  • Go to the library and check out some Italian music or an Italian movie.
  • If you know someone from Italy, invite them over for dinner and have the kids ask them questions about what it’s like to live there.
  • Get some language instruction tapes and learn some words in Italian.
  • If your kids like animals, learn which animals are indigenous to that country.
  • Read about an Italian family tradition that sounds interesting and try it at home.
  • Grab an Italian cookbook, have each family member choose a dish they would like to try. Spend the time in the kitchen cooking and experimenting together.

If you are fortunate to have an international trip coming up, then definitely use this time to learn more about the country and get the kids excited about what they might see.

Don’t know which country to pick? Research your family ancestry. Or, have everyone in the family write down ideas on a piece of paper. Throw the paper into a jar and pick. Or, hang up a world map and let someone close their eyes and point to a country.

Which country are you going to start with?

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