Summer Fun Challenge: Build a Fairy House

christy the fairy house builder

Ready for Day #13 of our 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge to make this the most fun summer EVER for your family.

Today, let’s have fun outside by making Fairy Houses or Troll Houses. It’s a great way to use your imagination and have fun with nature. Legend has it that if you build a fairy house, they will come and bring good luck. (I don’t know what happens if you build a troll house, but I’m sure boys will love whatever mayhem ensues.)

My daughter built a fairy house on a little “island” we have in the cul de sac at the end of our street. I have to say it was beautiful. She showed off her creation to all the neighbor girls, and soon we had a fairy village going with everyone chipping in.

Here’s the “fun with extra frosting” part – we started seeing “notes” from the Fairies. Some of the neighbor Moms and older girls would write notes thanking the kids for their houses. My daughter loved it and I was psyched to see how many neighbors got into it. My daughter put hard candy out there one night and some of the younger kids were so thrilled that the fairies were leaving them gifts. Needless to say everyone seemed to add a little touch of magic that kept everyone wondering if it was real or not. FUN!

Here’s how some of the houses looked:

fairy house

fairy house with fairy note

Even if your fairy house doesn’t become a neighborhood project, it’s fun to be outside, use nature as your building blocks, and believe in magic. Next time you are on a nature hike in the local forest preserve or walking through the neighborhood, keep an eye out for the perfect acorn or flower or pinecone to add to your fairy house.

Note: If you live in the city, don’t despair. Just make your Fairy House in a box or in a flower pot.

How to build your Fairy House (or Troll House if you don’t want to be girlie) –

    1. Collect your building blocks - pinecones, acorns, flowers, moss, tree bark, sticks, pebbles, shells, feathers, and rocks. Materials should be all natural and reflect the flora and fauna of where you live. That’s what magical creatures of nature like, you know.

    2. Pick a secluded and shady spot in your yard to build. Fairies don’t like to be out in the open. Trolls don’t like too much sun. (I’m not making this up, I swear I read that somewhere.)

    3. Start to build with nature’s legos. Build the structure of their house and if you have more “stuff” go ahead and build furniture.

    4. Send us a photo of your fairy house. We’d love to have a whole collection of fairy houses posted on the blog.

Want to see some great photos for inspiration? Check out

Have you ever built a Fairy House with the kids? What materials did you use?

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  2. Love these ideas! We’re going to craft our fairy house and will send you pics.


  3. I can’t wait to see the photos! Sue


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