Cute Homemade Kids Halloween Costume – Gingerbread Cookie

Two years ago, my daughter and I decided to make her Halloween costume since she didn’t like any of the costumes we saw in the stores. She’s very creative and she wanted to be something really unique. We saw an idea in Family Fun magazine for a Gingerbread Cookie and of course we felt the need to add our own flair to make it funnier and cuter than the one in the magazine. (You didn’t know crafting was a competitive sport, did you?)

We liked the idea of the cookie on the baking sheet but she didn’t want just her face sticking out. She wanted her whole body to be the cookie so that if she took off the cookie sheet part of the costume, she would still have a full cookie costume on. Even though I’m not that talented with a needle, we went for it.

Cookie Costume:

We started by shopping for a brown outfit. We had to hit two different stores but we found a plain, long-sleeve brown shirt and brown sweatpants. We happened to have a brown knit hat and gloves at home which worked perfectly into our plans.

I couldn’t find anything three dimensional that would be easy to attach to the costume to serve as gum drop buttons so I chose large candy colored buttons instead. I purchased some wide rick rack ribbon to look like icing. I’m not great at sewing. I can sew on buttons and baste stitch but that is about it. So I sewed the rick rack ribbon on to each pants leg and shirt sleeve to look like icing. I sewed three large colorful buttons down the middle of the shirt to look like gum drop buttons. Voila, that was done!

Cookie Sheet:

I took a large cardboard box and flattened it out so that I had a large rectangle shape to work with. I used packing tape to tape the two long sides together so it would stay flat. Then I just started wrapping the box with aluminum foil and scotch tape until every part of the box was covered. I left about half an inch of aluminum foil over the side of the box so that I could wrap it around to cover the sides of the box so no cardboard was showing. Now for the slightly more difficult part. We needed to add straps so that she could slide her arms in to hold the cookie sheet on her back. We used twine as our arm straps. My husband measured out the length of the twine based on how much was needed for her to get her arms through but not leave too much gap so that the cookie sheet hung down too low on her back. Once we had the length, he measured where to drill two holes so that the cookie sheet stayed high enough over her head. We drilled the holes instead of using scissors or cutting a slit because we wanted a clean hole that wouldn’t wrinkle or tear the aluminum foil too much. We threaded the twine through the hole and tied a big knot in the back so it couldn’t pull through.

For the final touch, I took pink lipstick and made a round rosy mark on each cheek, for extra cuteness. When we walked around to trick or treat, I dressed up like Suzie Homemaker with my rolling pin to match her outfit.

Not only was it a cute, unique and easy costume to make, my daughter and I had fun creating it together. If that’s not a Chocolate Cake Moment (or a warm gingerbread cookie moment) I don’t know what is.

Are you making a costume this year? What is it?

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  1. Awesome idea! Plus, I love that you dressed as the baker. Adorable! Thanks for sharing on Living Creative Thursday ~ featured you today!

    Amy @ Living Locurto

  2. Thanks Amy! I appreciate the shout-out. My daughter and I had a lot of fun making this costume.


    Sue Kirchner

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