Craft, Game, and Gift Ideas for a Kids Race Car Birthday Party

With Disney’s Cars 2 movie opening this summer, race cars and race car birthday parties will be a big hit with birthday boys. To make Mom look like a hero, we wanted to share some easy ideas for crafts and activities to host the best race car themed birthday party ever. We also have some gift ideas to share with grandma or Aunt Susie.

Craft Activity Ideas

    1. Design a License Plate. Grab some grey or silver foam sheets as well as foam letters and car stickers at your local craft store. Cut the sheets into a license plate shape by rounding the edges. Then let the kids decorate to their hearts content. You can help them think up some racer names like “Lightening McQueen,” “Red Rocket,” or “Black Thunder.” Or look online for some funny vanity plates and share them with the guests to inspire their creativity. Perfect for ages 3-years-old and up.

    Party Games and Activities

      2. Obstacle Course Race. Set up traffic cones or other obstacles in the yard. Have the kids line up a starting line and then race each other through the obstacle course. Time them with a stop watch to see which car (kid) is the fastest. Make or grab some racing flags to wave at the start of the race. Depending on how hard you make the obstacle course, this game is perfect for 4-10 year old kids.

      3. Driveway Race Track. Ask the party guests to bring their fastest Matchbox, Hot Wheel or other car to race at the party. If you have some race car track, go ahead and set that up for the race but otherwise, read this post on how to create a race course on your driveway for maximum racing fun. Perfect for 3 to 10 year old kids.

      4. Build Race Car Treats. Get the kids to create their own party treats out of Zingers or Twinkies. Read the instructions here. Perfect for 4 to 10 year old kids.

    Have a great party!

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