Challenge: 30 Days to the Most Fun Summer Ever!


We are kicking off a new Blog Post series with 30 days of summer fun ideas. As you know, I am passionate about helping families shrug off the stress of daily living and have more fun. Create those “Chocolate Cake Moments” when your family is smiling, happy, and enjoying spending time together. It makes for a healthy family!

So, I want to challenge you to make this summer the most fun EVER for your family. I’m going to blog about a new idea each day that will keep your family smiling and thinking you are the coolest Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or wacky Aunt ever. Your kids will be thinking, “Wow! What got into them? They are so fun!” OK, maybe it won’t go down exactly like that, but you will have the most fun house on your block.

Starting tomorrow and every day for the next 30 days, we are going to give you a simple, creative and memorable idea as well as feature some of the cool products we sell over at Chocolate Cake Club. To make it even better, we’ll give you 20% off of that featured daily product. Check the blog daily to get inspired and save some money or “like” us on our Facebook page to be notified when the new ideas are published. Woo Hoo!

Leave us comments on the blog and let us know which ideas your family liked most. Send us pictures of your family having fun together using our ideas for inspiration and we’ll post them and pick a winner each week (Sunday night) to win some fabulous prizes. Send us one of your family’s favorite summer fun ideas and if we like it, we’ll publish it and send you a prize. (More fun, yeah!)

Feel free to friends and family who you think need some extra fun in their lives. Ready? Set? Let’s have fun!

Day #1: How to Create an Old-Fashioned Lemonade Stand
Day #2: The Importance of Creating a Summer Family Fun Hit List
Day #3: Fun at the Local Farmers Market
Day #4: Build a Backyard Mini Golf Course
Day #5: Pancakes for Dinner
Day #6: Rainy Day Arts & Crafts
Day #7: Crazy for Construction Sites
Day #8: Catching Fireflies
Day #9: Backyard Campout
Day #10: Summer Road Trip Fun
Day #11: We All Scream for Ice Cream
Day #12: Picnic in the Park
Day #13: Build a Fairy House
Day #14: Backyard Water Park
Day #15: Christmas in July
Day #16: Plant a Garden
Day #17: Learn Something New
Day #18: Travel Around the World
Day #19: Neighborhood Firepit Party
Day #20: Family Slumber Party

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    Chicago Botanic Garden Model Railroad Exhibit

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    Free Kid’s Event: Stories and Songs with Shana Harvey-Lurie Garden – July 20 – Millenium Park

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  2. Awesome ideas! Thanks Nancy.


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    Day #6 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Rainy Day Arts & Crafts | Chocolate Cake Moments

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