Celebrate Earth Day with the Kids by Exploring Nature

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22nd and we are excited to bring you ideas on how to celebrate and raise awareness with your kids. I think the best way to get the kids to care about the earth and nature is to give them an appreciation for nature. How do you do that? Go play outside! Explore all of nature’s wonders. Here are some fun ideas whether you head on out to the park or explore your backyard.

I mentioned yesterday that one of my new favorite sites is the Go Explore Nature blog. Debi, the blog’s chief explorer, has some great ideas in these posts: How to Raise Kids Who Care About the Planet, 50 Ways to Explore Nature in Your Own Backyard, and Top 10 Spring Nature Adventures.

Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars

I also love the book Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars by Sharon Lovejoy for ideas on exploring nature with kids and grandkids.

Fairy house

One of my kids favorite nature activities is building fairy or troll houses. For instructions, I wrote posts last year on How to Build a Fairy House and How to Host a Fairy/Troll Party. While fairy houses appeal mostly to girls, my son has a blast creating “ugly” houses for his troll action figures or outdoor bunkers for his army guys to battle.

Fairy Houses and Beyond!

Our favorite book for inspiration on Fairy Houses is Fairy Houses and Beyond! by Barry and Tracy Kane. The ideas and photos are beautiful.

Finally, out last idea is to go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt with the kids. Whether you play in your neighborhood or head to the park or nature trail, give the kids a small digital or disposable camera and let them go take pictures of the most interesting things they find outside. You’ll have a blast viewing the photos and seeing what your kids found most intesting outside.

Do you have any other ideas on how to explore nature with kids? I’d love to feature them here!

Check out these other fun Earth Day ideas.

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  1. We just created a fairy garden this week! Love, love, love this post (and not just because you shared so many of my posts!), but because you spread the message: Get outside and explore nature! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thanks Debi! If you have any other ideas for me to spread the word and help the family have fun together, I’d love to showcase them. Sue

    Sue Kirchner

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