Back-to-School Treats for the Kids

My kids are not at all excited about going back to school. They love staying up later, playing with their friends all day, and enjoying some really cool camps this summer. So, I went on a hunt online to find some fun back-to-school treats to cheer them up a little about going back to school. (Or, make them as treats for you and your husband to celebrate that the kids are finally going back to school and we can get the family back into a routine.) Either way, have fun cooking together and enjoy!

I just discovered Jenni Price’s website that has the most amazing pancake designs! She’s an illustrator and enjoys creating art with pancake batter. Check out her Back-to-School Pancake Pop Treats. Go to her site to download the incredibly detailed instructions and check out all of her other Pancake designs. You’ll be running for the kitchen to start creating something.

Jill from the Meet the Dubiens Blog made the most adorable after school snack with an owl theme. I can’t wait to make this for my kids next week. Head over to her site for the instructions. Blackboard cupcake ideas
These blackboard cupcakes from would be a cute snack after the kids come home from their first day of school.

Back to School Party from Just Call Me Martha Blog
Check out the school themed snacks and table decorations for a Back-to-School celebration from the Just Call Me Martha blog. I love the milk bottles!

Have fun and hope you and the kids enjoy their first day of school! Do you usually make something special for the kids for the first day of school?

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  1. I’m so thrilled to have my pancakes featured today….especially amongst so many incredible back-to-school inspirations! Wow! Thank you!

    Jenni Price

  2. It was my pleasure, Jenni. I love your illustrations and how much fun you have with pancake batter! Sue

    Sue Kirchner

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