Baby proofing on the go!

Taking the baby to see Grandma for Easter or Passover? Here are some great traveling tips from our guest blogger, Cindy McCarthy with

Unlike your home, hotel rooms and vacation rental homes are not carefully baby proofed. Keeping your active crawler and toddler safe on the road can be quite challenging.

Below are some tips for baby proofing on the go:

  • Most hotels offer cribs at no charge, but you may want to bring your own crib sheet. Hotels will often simply wrap a queen size sheet around the tiny mattress.
  • You should also check the crib to make sure it is stable and does not tip easily.
  • Ensure your child cannot reach anything on the counters or furniture around him from his pack-n-play.
  • Walk around the house/room to check the furniture to see if any of it can easily be tipped over if your child pulls up on it.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed.
  • If you are renting a car seat from a car rental company, then make sure it is installed properly. Ask for the manual if it is not attached to the seat.
  • A strange environment just invites danger. Babies want to explore their new surroundings (especially while your in the bathroom or getting ready to go). One way to solve this problem is to put you little one back in his pack-n-play with some toys while you get ready. It usually works best if you put the pack-n-play next to where you are getting ready so that he can see you.
  • Bring a small container or plastic bag of cleaning wipes with you. This way you can wipe down the surfaces your baby is most likely to touch.
  • Check all drapes and drape cords to make sure your little ones cannot get tangled up in them. Drapes and drape cords can be a serious strangulation hazard.

In addition to looking for ways to have more “Chocolate Cake Moments” with her two daughters, Cindy McCarthy is an urban explorer of kid-sized Chicago and author of, a blog that highlights where to go eat, shop, play and learn in Chicago. You can also follow Cindy on Twitter at or on Facebook at

Thanks Cindy! These are great tips. Check out all of our posts with more tips and ideas on how to make family travel easier and more fun.

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