April Fool’s Day Pranks for Kids

In general, we haven’t played too many tricks on the kids on April Fool’s Day but I’m getting inspired to do something really fun this year. Grandpa used to be the big trickster in the family. He played some fun pranks on his kids and grand kids throughout the whole year. He would put rocks, grass and vegetables in he hidden Easter Eggs. (Boy, the kids faces are priceless when they open their eggs.) He would wrap a can of corn for a kid’s Christmas gift. He woke his kids up on Saturday morning to hurry and get ready for school.

While these pranks were annoying to the prank victim, each of the kids and grandkids talk about these pranks fondly at every family get together. It was a badge of honor to have a special trick played on you by Grandpa. He passed away before my kids were born but they love listening to the “Grandpa prank stories” from their cousins. So in his memory, I put together some ideas for kid-friendly April Fool’s Day pranks.

    Take all of your child’s stuffed animals off of the bed while they are sleeping and have them line up outside the bathroom door like they are waiting for their turn to go “potty”.

    You can put clear hair gel in ear piece of a telephone. Have your husband call the house to talk to your child and when they put the phone to their ear it will get all goopy.

    Unplug their video game consoles. After a few frustrating minutes and yelling “Mom, why won’t my game work?” maybe they’ll check to see if the plug is unplugged. It’s a classic because no one ever checks the power cord to see if it’s unplugged.

    This article has some really clever ideas for playing good-spirited pranks on the family. Turing the clock forward to make them think they are late for school is always a classic. Adding Easter Egg dye to the faucet so the water runs in colors is pretty darn funny, too.

    Jenn at the Clean & Scentsible blog had some fun ideas like switching the cereal bags in the cereal boxes so they pour an unexpected cereal for breakfast. I like her idea of freezing a bowl of cereal overnight. In the morning add a little more milk to cover the icy mass and see their confused expressions. Click through and check out her other ideas.

    The 2Clever Blog had a funny idea of putting a For Sale sign in the yard while the kids are at school. They’ll be stunned when they come home.

    Here’s a funny prank for Dad from Parenting.com. Take a screen shot of the desktop on Dad’s computer and leave it up. It might take him a few minutes to figure out why his computer is “frozen”.

To really make sure your kids know they’ve been fooled, print out these free Gotcha Tags to drive the point home.

Here’s a little tip on pranking your kids, if they are a little touchy. My daughter loves a good joke until she thinks her brother is laughing at her. To make sure that no one feels slighted, prank all of your kids the same way or catch each one out in a trick when they are alone. No one likes to be laughed at and sibling rivalry could make your family fun backfire.

What have you done to play pranks on your kids?

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