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Welcome to the Chocolate Cake Moments blog! My name is Sue Kirchner and I’m passionate about helping busy Moms smile more by sharing tips and ideas on you and your family can have more fun. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and it’s easy to let the day to day stress steal your smile and make you so tired that you forget to connect and enjoy your family time.

I admit it. I’m an overachiever and I’m overbooked. I tend to get caught up in the day-to-day stress of being a Mom, wife, school volunteer, daughter, consultant, owner of an online boutique, www.ChocolateCakeClub.com, and aerobics instructor (although you’d never guess that watching me eat a bag of Cheetoes). But I get tired of focusing on the negatives and complaining. I create stress in my life because I want to savor everything. But, I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing! So I started this blog to help me create and focus on these awesome moments every day where I laughed, had fun, or felt loved, relaxed or indulged. By doing so, I hope to share some ideas with you on how to have more Chocolate Cake Moments in your life.

Here’s what you’ll find on ChocolateCakeMoments.com:

  • Kids Birthday and Holiday Party Ideas
  • Creative Family Traditions
  • Friday Night Fun Ideas using items you already have at home
  • Ideas and recipes for Cooking with your Kids
  • Family Travel Tips so you can have more stress free adventures together
  • Tips to Make Life Easier for Busy Moms so they have more time to have fun with their family

  • What is a “Chocolate Cake Moment”, you ask? Think about sitting down and eating a piece of chocolate cake. How do you feel? Happy? Indulgent? Relaxed? We all deserve more moments like this. However, I firmly believe that you need to plan and create opportunities for you and your family to have fun. Spontaneous fun is great, but it’s passive.

    I want to help inspire and stimulate you to have more fun with your kids and grand kids. They grow up so darn fast! Enjoy the posts and check back often for more ideas on how to have Chocolate Cake Moments. Thanks for stopping by!

    Sue Kirchner
    Founder | Chief Fun Officer


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    1. Hi, there:
      I’d love to feature you and your site on Examiner.com and work together on parenting stories. Contact me when you have the chance!

      Amy McLaughlin Maciaszek

    2. Hi Amy,

      Thank you for visiting the Chocolate Cake Moments site and for your offer to work together on parenting stories. I would love to. Let me know if you want to meet up in person or talk on the phone. I’m in Palatine.

      Thanks and have a fun evening with your family.

      Sue Kirchner
      http://www.ChocolateCakeMoments.com – Tips & Ideas for More Family Fun!


    3. Hi Sue – I see that you enjoy picnics with your husband and family at Ravinia. I, too, am a Ravinia fan. In fact, my husband and I invented a portable wine chiller inspired by our visits to Ravinia each summer. I’d love to send you a ChillinJoy (www.chillinjoy.com) for you to test and potentially write about, if you are inclined. Let me know if you’re open to that.

      Christin Poterek

      Christin Poterek

    4. Hi Sue,
      I wondered if you would be willing to post about our book- it’s a great resource for parents to give to their children- it helps them decide on the career that’s best for them. It’s a priceless resource that contains 150+ interviews with working professionals about their careers. I believe your readers would be interested in hearing about.

      Please email me if you are interested… and of course we would back-link and promote your blog as well.

      Thanks for you time- I hope to get an email from you!


    5. Found you through the SITSgirls blogtober blog challenge! I love chocolate cake. I like how you highlighted a few of your blog posts for readers to look through. I am a first time mom and am looking forward to perusing through your site to get some tips. Am feeling overwhelmed with having to return back home, finish my dissertation, and also care for my elderly parents.


    6. Hi Carolina,

      Thank you for your feedback on my About Me Page. I always appreciate a fresh set of eyes. Heading over to check out your blog, too. Thanks! Sue

      Sue Kirchner

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