A Recipe for Creating Family Holiday Traditions – Prepare Now!

Ice Sculpture Contest in Boston

Ice Sculpture Contest in Boston

The second ingredient in our recipe for how to create and enjoy more Family Holiday Traditions is to Prepare Now! If there are any tasks that need to be completed to schedule or prepare for the tradition, do them now while it’s not so busy. Send out invitations, buy tickets, call Grandma to get that cookie recipe, check on Holiday Tea Times, or investigate volunteer opportunities with your favorite local charity. If you take care of all of the details now, you won’t be scrambling and making more stress for yourself in December.

So, if you are planning a Holiday party – buy the invitations, invite people now to get on their busy calendars early, plan the menu (you can check out MemorableEntertaining.com for some great Holiday entertaining tips and menus), even do some of the baking now and freeze it for later. If you want to go to the theater for a Holiday event like the Christmas Carol or Nutcracker Ballet, call now and get the tickets.

If you want to check out what Holiday activities are available in your town, like ice sculpture contest or gingerbreadhouse displays, check your local paper, museum sites, or parent-friendly activity sites like www.gocitykids.com or if you are in the Chicago area, check our favorite site www.kidwinks.com.

If you have a tradition of sending out a family newsletter with your Holiday cards – don’t do what I do and wait until the last minute so I end up sending New Year’s cards – get it written and printed now. If your kids are old enough, have them each write their own section of the newsletter to make it a little easier for you.

I spoke at a Newcomer’s Club meeting last night for a terrific group of Mom’s about Creating Family Holiday Traditions and one of the Moms shared that her family goes to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” every year at a local movie theater, for a charity event the theater holds every year. If you are interested in something like that, call your local theaters to see if they are doing any special screenings of some of your favorite holiday movies.

Bottomline, do yourself a favor and get all of the details taken care of now so when the Holiday Season hits in earnest, you’ll be ready to just enjoy and smile. Check back for the next ingredient in our guide on how to create and enjoy more Family Holiday Traditions.

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