9 Fun, First Day of School Traditions

The start of a new school year is always a big deal. I used to love getting a new outfit, crisp new school supplies, and even a new haircut some years. While my son is excited to go back to school and my daughter is not, I’m celebrating because the start of a new school year means new opportunities, new friends, and new milestones for my kids. Whether your kids look forward to going back to school or not, do take the time to celebrate and start some new family traditions to create some fun memories.

1. Throw a party. You’ll find some great inspiration for decorations or treats for a Back-to-School party from Dawn at the Not Just a Mommy blog. Her party ideas are AWESOME!

Or keep it simple with an impromptu, neighborhood firepit party either the weekend before or after school starts. Our neighborhood is pretty friendly so if you build a firepit, they will come to the party. If that won’t work, type up a quick flyer and have the kids hand it out to the neighbors or spread the word as you walk the dog around the block. Tell everyone to bring their own drinks and bring some munchies to share. The parents talk about who got which teacher, who’s going to be at the bus stop, and what to look forward to this school year. If your child is going into kindergarten, it’s a perfect time to pair him or her up with an older kid to help them on the bus. The kids can compare notes on which teacher they like or who they have a crush on so far this year!

Star Wars pancake breakfast
2. Breakfast for Champions. Start the day off with a celebration by going out as a family to one of your favorite breakfast places. Or get up a little early and make the kids their favorite breakfast foods.

Back to school treats
3. Bring Treats for classmates – Start the school year off with a gift to the rest of the class with these Back to School Treats from the Blackberry vine blog.

Countdown jar for school
4. Countdown the Days – The East Coast Mommy Blog created a super cute tradition of counting down the days to school or preschool with her kids using candy and a jar. Your kids can have one candy a day until school starts or you could put in a candy every day and then after their first day of school they get to eat them all as a special treat. Your choice!

5. Capture the Moment – Pick a location in your house and every year take a picture of your child with their backpack or holding a Back-to-School sign with their grade on it so you can compare how your kids have grown. Rebecca Cooper offers some great tips on taking First Day of School photos on her blog. I definitely need help with my photos!

kids artwork portrait
Building on the idea of capturing the moment, the Art Projects for Kids has a great idea of having the kids draw a self-portrait on the first day of school. Then you can see how their art skill and self-awareness grow over time.

6. Survey Says! – Here’s a fun idea from one of our readers, Debby B. –

We used to take surveys. I’d write down their answers for favorite subject, color, shape, number, book, band/song–whatever. It’s fun to see year to year what their favorites are.

7. Gifts from Fun Sources. – Over at Make and Takes, read their post on the First Day of School Fairy.

Then, at the Mother Huddle, read about the German tradition of giving kids “>Schultuete School Cones on their first day of school.

8. Boo Hoo Breakfast. This tradition from the Roots & Wings Blog is for Moms only, and it involves breakfasty treats. Yes! Grab your family and friends and organize a Boo Hoo breakfast where you meet after dropping the kids off on the first day of school to laugh, cry and have fun talking about the kids going off for another year of school. I’m in!

9. Snack & Chat. I like to make a special after school snack for the kids so we can munch and chat all about their first day. We usually make Chocolate Fondue as our first day of school treat. You can grab my recipe from my Beat the Back-to-School Blues post.

What traditions do you have to celebrate the first day of school?

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