7 Ways to Save Money on a Kids Birthday Party

Whether you fall into the camp that believes kids birthday parties are out of control and way to extravagant or not, here are some ideas on how to spend less on your child’s birthday party, so that you can spend that money on something else …. like taking the family to a show or a buying a puppy. (OK, maybe not that.)

Christy's party invitation small

1. A Scribble is Fine. I like a beautiful invitation as much as the next person but let’s face it, it’s going into the garbage as soon as the party date has passed. For adults, a party invitation sets the mood for the event. For kids, it just tells Mom when and where to bring her child. So, why not take one of your kids drawings, write the party particulars on the bottom, make copies, and call it a day. Or save even more money and a tree by sending an evite. Above you can see the invitation my daughter made for her Spa Birthday party.

bday cake

2. Stand Up for the Cake. For every one of my kids’ birthday, I just make a chocolate cake and then put their toys on the top of the cake to decorate it. Plastic horses, fairies, Star War or Lego guys are all perfect to decorate a cake and make it fit the party “theme.” The kids think it is so cool to show off their favorite toys on the cake. The cake cost me $5.00.

3. More Does Not Equal Better. Limit the number of kids. Don’t feel like you need to invite every kid in your child’s class or on their sports team or who talked to your child at the playground. More does not equal better for either Mom or the birthday child. Too many kids is overwhelming for all. Only invite the number you are comfortable supervising. My rule of thumb is if I’ve never met the other child’s Mom, I am certainly not going to ask them to plunk $20 down for a gift for my kid. They aren’t invited. I certainly don’t like buying a gift for a kid I’ve never heard of, so why would they. “Stephen, who?”

4. Kill Two Birds With One Stone. (No birds were harmed in the creation of this tip.) Make sure one of your birthday party activities is also the take home favor for the party guests. If you tie dye T-shirts at the party, the T-shirt is their party favor. If you decorate pirate chests, the kids takes home a nice pirate chest. If you have a cookie decorating party, the kids take home a bunch of cookies. Don’t buy an extra goodie bag! You’re covered already.

5. Don’t feed the animals. If you plan your party time right, you don’t have to feed the guests a full meal. Plan your party from 2 – 4 p.m. and you only need to serve cake and some munchies. Don’t spend the money on pizza or hot dogs.

wii rock band party

6. Reuse and Recycle. Use the games, toys, and activites you already have at home to entertain the kids at the party. Have a tent? Set it up in the backyard or the dining room and they’ll play for hours. Have a Wii? Host a Wii tournament. Have a karioke machine? Throw a Diva party. Have a lot of tea sets? Host a Teddy Bear tea party. Have a cool telescope? Stargazing party! Have a million loose Lego pieces? Throw a Lego Party where you just dump all of those miscellaneous pieces on a table and tell the kids to have at it. (Actually, this is a great goodie bag idea. Collect all of those extra Lego pieces laying around that you can’t match up with any kits and put them in a baggie to give out as party favors. The kids love it and you can walk on your carpet again.)

7. Treat Bags are for Landfills. I’m sorry but when my kids bring home one of those plastic bags filled with candy, pencils and plastic spider rings, they immediately go in the recycle bin. Moms, you don’t have to give anything – there is no rule or birthday fairy who punishes those without treat bags. Don’t waste your money. If you didn’t do an activity where the kids could take something home already (see #4) and you do want a parting gift, keep it low key. Just buy a big candy bar and tie a ribbon around it. Or go to Half Price Books, buy old comic books and hand those out. (This was a HUGE, HUGE hit at my son’s last party.) Or I like taking a photo of the guest with the birthday child and either having someone print it during the party to take home or send it to them in the thank you note. That is something that will get saved.

I hope these tips have helped you keep the kids birthday party budget from spirally out of control and convinced you to get a puppy. (Adopt don’t buy, and you’ll save even more money.)

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  1. It’s so nice to hear another mom put her foot down against crazy expensive parties! I love theme parties and put a lot of time into planning them. I involve the birthday kiddo to plan activities, etc.

    We also limit the number of party guests. They can invite the same number as the year they are turning. If they are turning five, they can invite up to five guests. I worried this would get out of hand when they became teenagers, but they usually get to a point where they only want to invite a small group – so it works out great!


  2. Hi Raejean,

    Thank you for your comment. It’s so heartening to know that someone is out there reading. That’s funny that you were worried about the number of guests for a teenage party if you follow the rule of age=guests. I thought the same thing but as my kids get older we seem to have smaller and smaller parties.

    If you have any great theme party ideas, I’d love to hear them! Thanks!


    Sue Kirchner

  3. Love the comic books for favors idea! So clever. I wrote is down in my party idea book. Thank you!


  4. Thanks Teri. I’m glad you liked the ideas. Good luck with your next party!


    Sue Kirchner

  5. Funny

    How do I start my own website about fantasy sports?


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