6 Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas

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It happens. We love our husbands and Dads to death and want to show them appreciation and give them a fun day to remember on Father’s Day. But some years you wake up on a Saturday morning in a cold sweat and say, “What? It’s tomorrow!?! How did that happen?”

It’s not that we don’t love you, sweeties. We want only the best for these men of ours. But life interferes. Kids need attention. (Yes, I am going to cop out and blame it on the kids.)

So, ladies, here are some last minute Father’s Day ideas that will make it look like you have been planning a special day for months.

1. Breakfast in Bed. The classic. Why not make his favorite dish and have the kids help you present it to him in bed? Or relaxing out on the patio? Breakfast Burritos are a huge hit in our house and easy to make. Scramble eggs, saute some onions and red peppers. Warm some tortillas and your favorite salsa. Add a side of grated cheddar and sour cream. Viola!

2. Bake his favorite cookies. My hubby loves Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies so the kids and I make them for him on special occasions – his birthday, Christmas, and now Father’s Day. (Make sure the kids don’t eat too many kisses so you run out of them by the time the last batch is ready.)

3. An afternoon of golf. If your whole family plays golf, set up a tee time and spend the day outside. If not, call one of his best buddies and set up a play date for Dad.

4. Act like a tourist. Some of our best Father’s Days have been where we just headed into downtown Chicago and hit some of the big tourist attractions. It’s something we rarely do as a family and it makes us feel like we “traveled” somewhere for the day.

5. Pampering. Every Dad likes quiet and relaxation, right? Well, why not give him a massage. He’ll get an hour of peace and quiet and come home relaxed and jelly like. (Ready to start work again on Monday. Right!)

6. Cook together. Do you both like to cook? Why not take the day to make one of those all day recipes that you have been dying to try. Make homemade pasta. Make paella. Slow cook ribs or a BBQ brisket. You’ll have a relaxing day spending time together in the kitchen and then eating a fabulous, rarely cooked meal.

Read our post on Father’s Day Activities from last year.

Give that important man in your life some Chocolate Cake Moments. He deserves them. Happy Fathers Day, everyone!

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