5 Ways to Make Family Game Night More Fun

Family Game Night

Is your Family Game Night feeling a little stale? The kids aren’t that excited about it anymore? Or, do you have a hard time convincing the family to even have a Game Night? Here are 5 ideas to inject a little more fun and creativity into your family’s special evening.

1. Put on a Costume.

Why just play a game when you can play the game in a silly way? For example, if you are playing a pirate game, have everyone wear pirate hats or eye patches. If playing the Snorta animal game, wear an animal mask. Make them out of paper plates before the game begins.

Or, I think everything is more fun when you are wearing a hat, so grab some of those plastic poker dealer hats if you are playing cards games and enjoy the silliness.

2. Get a Bigger Family!

Family Game Night isn’t limited to just your immediate family. While it’s definitely fun to spend time with the kids talking and bonding over games, shake it up a little and invite another family to double the fun. Have them bring their favorite family games over so you can try new games to find your next favorite.

3. Round Robin

If you have a larger crowd for Game Night or a mixed group of kids and adults, split up and have several games going at once. Set up a game in the kitchen, one in the family room, and one in another room. Each person then moves round robin to the next game as they finish playing. That way you’ll end up playing a few different games and not end up stuck playing the same thing all night (especially since not everyone likes the same games).

4. Create a mood.

Sometimes just changing the location of game night can be exciting. Instead of playing on the kitchen table, play on the floor of the family room. Put your jammies on and play in Mom and Dad’s bed. Set up a table in the backyard. Or pitch a tent indoors or outdoors to host game night. Here’s an idea that I received from another Mom – play by candlelight. She told me that her kids just love it when they have “No Electricity” night and set up their games near the fireplace or by candles to play.

5. Prizes? I Love prizes!

If you’re going to play games, you need prizes. Large chocolate bars or movie-theater size boxes of candy are great prizes to give to the game winners. Find a silly t-shirt at the thrift shop or dollar store. If you are playing with younger kids you may need to make sure that everyone is a winner and receives prizes, but for older kids and adults let the competition begin.

You can also play for chores or activities as prizes. If Mom wins, she gets to give a chore coupon to someone in the house so they have to empty the dishwasher. Now who’s ready to play, Mom? Mom or Dad can make up the coupons letting the kids stay up an hour later, get out of chores, or earn an extra dollar of allowance one week. Or, before the game have each player write down 2 – 3 coupon ideas. If they win, they get to hand in their coupon to another player. The other player then has to do what it says on the coupon. (You might need to set some limits but feel free to be creative.)

I hope these ideas have inspired you to shake up your family game night or start the tradition. What are you waiting for?

Go get your game on!

What do you do to spice up your Family Game Night?

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