5 Ideas for a Date Night with your Child

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend with your kids? Consider splitting up and spending some precious one-on-one time with your kids by going on a date. My kids just GLOW when they get Mommy or Daddy all to themselves. It doesn’t even matter what you do, it’s the time together that creates the gooey “Chocolate Cake Moment.”

Bonus for parents: If your kids are going through a patch where they are just fighting all the time and it’s driving you nuts, cut the fighting off at the pass by separating them. Trust me, the peace and quiet is soooo worth it.

Make sure you choose an activity that your child wants to do. If it’s not, then it’s just like running another errand to your child and the magic of the evening is lost. When you are together, make sure you spend some time communicating. This is the perfect time to ask your child about their day, their school work, what classes they love taking, and who’s their best friend. Get to know them and learn a little more about their personality and what they love. Discuss ideas for your next date night or what the family is going to get Mommy for Mother’s Day. (OK, that was just wishful thinking.)

Date night doesn’t have to be at “night” either. If you can’t schedule something in the evening, go out for breakfast together or do something in the afternoon.

Here are some ideas for Parent/Child Dates:

1. Dinner and a movie. Let your kids choose their favorite place to dine and then go see a flick together. Bonus tip: Dads, bring your daughter a flower for your date. Transform into a superhero because there is Power in a Flower.

2. Cooking class. If one of your kids likes to cook, check out some of your local cooking class locations to see if they have parent/child classes. You get to talk, eat and laugh together. Mangia!

3. Museum Trip. If one of your kids is really into history while the other is into astronomy, splitting up and hitting different museums in town can be a great way to indulge your child’s hobbies without the other child whining “Can we go, yet?”

4. Book Store Excursion. My kids love to read so they are thrilled when we go to the library or especially the book store, because they can sit and eat. Head on over to your local book store and spend time finding a book your child would love to read. It’s a perfect way to find out what interests them. Then go sit in the coffee bar section and share a hot chocolate or dessert while reading your own books together or reading your child’s book out loud. Bonus tip: Go to brunch before the bookstore trip. Make it a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning outing.

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5. You’ve Got to Move it, Move it. Head on over to the gym and teach your child to play basketball. Go for a run together or train for a local 1 Mile or 5K race in your area. Ride your bikes and stop to have a picnic. Walk to a local park and play catch. Figure out what motivates your child to get up and move it, move it and get active with them.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to get a Date Night on the calendar with your child. What do you like to do on Kids Date Night?

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  1. Oh, these are great ideas! I especially like the dinner and a movie for Dad/daughter. How cute. My husband and I sometimes each take a kid and head out on a Saturday morning — we call it “divide and conquer” but “date night” or “day” sounds much nicer :)


  2. Terrific ideas! Hallie is an only child, but we’ve found that she really enjoys spending time with just one of us. So we try to do “Mom and Hallie” or “Dad and Hallie” days every once in awhile. Works especially well on vacation, when the other parent gets a little spa (or golf!) time alone!

    Karin O'Connor

  3. Thanks ladies! Come back and let me know what you do on your next Date Night. I’m always looking for new ideas too.



  4. […] phone off. This is a ideal time to ask your child about their day, their propagandize work, what classes they adore taking, and who’s their best friend. Get to know them by truly listening and learn a […]

    5 Fun Ideas for a Date Night with your Child | Parent Child Relationship

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