4 Fun Kids Summer Gardening Projects

Today’s summer activity for kids, #13 in our 51 Easy Summer Family Fun Activities series, is to plant a summer garden. Gardening for me is a great way to relax, de-clutter my busy mind, and reconnect with nature. I get a good workout, enjoy plenty of sunshine, create a pretty yard, and grow plenty of basil for my summer bruchetta. It’s a fun and relaxing summer activity and here’s how to get the kids in on the fun.

I love planting a garden as a summer family fun activity because you can work on it together the whole summer. There’s plenty of time to connect, talk and laugh. Last year, I decided to create a designated “Kids Only” garden where they could cultivate their budding green thumbs safely away from my begonias and rose bushes. They get to pick what they want to plant, which makes it exciting for them. (Although when we went to the local nursery to get flowers, my son only seemed to want to buy the container of preying mantises. Hmm!)

Here are some Kids Gardening Project Ideas:

    container gardening
    1. Grow something good to eat. SimpleMom.com has some great ideas on her site for 3 gardening projects to do with the kids. I like the Pizza Planter idea.

    Catnip mouse toy
    2. Grow a cat toy. Spoonful.com has some other fun kids gardening projects and my daughter was all excited to plant catnip so she could make our cats some catnip toys.

    3. Plant a tea party. Theme gardens are a cute idea like this Tea Party Garden idea where you can plant all kinds of tea plants around an old tea kettle in the garden. Cute!

    4. Design and Create a Magical Fairy Garden. We are excited about planting a fairy garden this year. We’ve made plenty of fairy houses but we want to build a fairy garden now to attract the fairies to our yard. According to KidsGardening.com, fairies like plants with tiny leaves and delicate cup-like flowers. They can hide in there. Here are a couple of great links with inspiration on how to create a fairy garden in a container.

    HGTV shows you how to create a fairy garden in a container.

    Fairy garden container
    This fairy garden is cool from the PinkandGreenMama blog.

    Finally, here’s another fun fairy garden idea from HerbCompanion.com.

Do you garden with your kids or grand kids? What do you like to do with them? Which of these ideas do you like the best?

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  1. Hey, nice post!
    I love to teach kids about gardening.
    It is such a great hobby for them, because they get fresh air, learn about plants that surround them and they get to know about handcraft.

    Keep up your good work, I love your website!


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