4 Fun and Easy Ideas for Family Night this Weekend

Looking for some new ideas for Family Night this weekend? But it’s already Thursday, you’ve been busy all week and haven’t planned anything? No problen. I’ve got your back with some inspiration. I know you are a busy Mom so here are 5 easy, inexpensive and yet incredibly fun activities to do at home with things you probably already have around the house. Amaze the kids with your creativity this weekend! Click on the links for more tips and advice on how to pull off some major fun at home this weekend.

1. Indoor Snowball Fight – Too cold outside for a real snowball fight? Create “snowball” ammunition out of white tissue paper, cotton balls wrapped with saran wrap, or large marshmallows. Give each “team” an equal amount. Then fight it out in the basement or other kid-friendly area of the house. Build some forts out of boxes or blankets while you are at it to protect yourself. Of course, if it’s not too cold out you can do this outside with real snowballs. A reader over at SavvyMom.ca shared her idea to keep the snowball fights safe. They make chalk drawings of each other on their fence and throw the snowballs at the drawings. No one accidentally gets hurt then. Genius!

2. Spa Night – A little pampering makes everyone smile – even Dad!

3. Homemade Pizza Party – Don’t just order pizza in, throw a pizza party

4. Family Slumber Party – Why do the kids get to have all the fun?

What are some easy but fun things you like to do with the kids on family night?

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