3 Fun Ways to Watch the Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

I love the Summer Olympics and the Opening ceremonies are always a hoot. I love watching the entertainment and saying “What?” or when they show the celebrities, “I didn’t know he was Canadian!” While I do have to say that I like taping the Opening Ceremonies so I can fast forward through the boring parts, there is a sense of excitement to seeing it live (or at least watching it with everyone else on tape delay in our time zone). So, if you watch the Opening Ceremonies with your kids tomorrow night, here are three ideas to enhance your TV viewing pleasure.

FYI - The Opening Ceremonies are on NBC starting at 7:30 p.m. EST on Friday, July 27th.

Gold Medal Snacks!

Olmypic Rings Cookie Treats

Make some fun treats with the kids to munch on while watching the Opening Ceremony or any of the Games in the next few weeks. My kids and I made these Olympic Rings Cookie Treats this week that were so easy and yet so tasty. Grab the recipe, grab the kids and have some fun in the kitchen.

Let Your Own Game Begin!

Another fun way to have fun while watching is to download the Opening Ceremony Bingo Game. Tinyme.com created this super cute free printable game that you can download to play with your kids. Check out all of their FREE Olympic Games printables to really get the kids excited about the Games.

Capture the Memories!

Do you remember watching the Olympics as a kid? Which athlete do you remember most? Mary Lou Retton? Greg Louganis? Carl Lewis? I have fond memories of watching the Olympic Games with my family so I loved when I saw that Mique over at Thirtyhandmadedays.com had created a London Summer Olympics Memory Sheet for her kids to fill out while they experience the Olympic Games.
She also offers a kid-friendly version of an Opening Ceremony Bingo Game.

Start downloading these fun games and activities and let the games begin. If you are really into the Olympic Games, see how easy it is to host your own backyard Olympic Games.

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